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  • Woven wonders that do good

    Meet our beautiful new collection of artisan tableware and the talented Colombian women that make them
  • Five questions with...

    The support and creativity of brilliant women is at the heart of our small business. To celebrate International Women's Day this year we chatted to some of our favourite suppliers and supporters
  • Reusing your candle pot

    Adding a candle can brighten (quite literally) any room in the house. Instead of just grabbing the one that smells the best, take a good look at the vessel it’s in.
  • an interview with alice

    Read Alice's interview from You magazine, from how the business came to the products and what's planned next... 'I take huge pride and pleasure styling my home and space'
  • Hand painted cushion covers

    The face-line-drawing-cushion has become somewhat of a cult item across various interior bloggers and influencers. Made.com and Urban Outfitters bo...
  • New Series: people need people

    I've been working on a new series of work. This began with some pretty minimal single face paintings and developed into different combinations of u...
  • Not all queens wear crowns

    A collection that is my personal favourite. I used cuttings from high fashion shoots, clothes worn by supermodels, and placed them on women of my o...
  • The Hermes Collection

    Using a vintage Hermes photoshoot, I created this series of portraits marrying the iconic scarf prints with minimalist line drawing. They feel to m...